Shopify is one of the most user friendly e-commerce platform. Easy to setup and run it offers a wide range of customisable themes. It's also packed with powerful SEO features, allowing the online shop to be visible to the customers. We use it especially for the clients who want a small scale online shop.


While built as a plugin for WordPress, it has enough powerful features and customization to be a good choice for an online shop. Therefore, having a WordPress website together with a WooCommerce based online shop means a powerful duo. We use it primary when a client already has a WordPress website and wants to transform it into an online shop.


Magento is designed as a full controllable and customisable e-commerce platform. It's the perfect choice if you need a large scale online shop because it offers powerful marketing, SEO, and content management tools.

Online Payment

We offer the most popular payment getaways like WorldPay, Paypal, Stripe, SagePay.


We provide most demanded shipping options to offer to your customers, like Flat rate, Free Shipping. We also provide shipping tracking if available by the goods courier.

Responsive design

We create mobile friendly online shops, to offer your customers the most pleasant shopping experience.


In order to boost organic traffic, you need to rank well on search engines like Google. Our job is to increase organic traffic. This allows you to save money on ads and other paid forms of getting traffic.

Digital Marketing

Promoting your products through many channels like partner websites, Google AdWords, Social Media and so on ensures that your products will attract the users's attention.

Product stock

We offer management of product stock, showing you live data about your stocks for each product in every moment.

Product filter

If you have few products to sell, filtering them may not be needed. But as long as you have more than 20 products to display on your shop, you need to give users the option to filter these products by more criteria, to help them find faster what they're looking for.

Advanced search

We offer advanced search option to let users obtain more useful result. Many times only searching for a product, without filtering the result by some criteria doesn't get you want you want to find. Nobody has time to waste searching manually for a product.

Checkout Process

Creating a smooth checkout process means your customers will be more likely to buy your products. Every additional step you put into the process will add a burden on the user's part. Therefore, he should receive the best user experience, in order not to abandon it. One way of easing his experience is to let him do the checkout without the need to register. Another one is to ensure the process itself is simple, clear, well organized and offer enough details.

Shipping Process

Choosing a reputable, trusted partner has many benefits. It will give confidence to the customer, by seeing his name in your checkout. And it's a huge relieve to you, knowing your product will arrive whole and on time. But since this service is not free, you have to decide who pays it, you or the customer. There are roughly 3 ways: you pay the costs, the he pays or both pay a part. In order to choose the right strategy, you have to consider factors such as your target audience, the kind of products you sell.


Many people have trust issues about buying online. This is mainly because they fear thieves will get access to their bank account. When offering online payment, you have to assure the customer the details he provides are safe. Therefore, you need to show him why he should trust paying online on your shop. Here, more than anywhere else, you should buy a SSL certificate, HTTPS and use a trusted payment getaway. Moreover, displaying these information as badges gives a strong sense of trust, increases his confidence into your shop.


While many people trust paying online, you should offer the cash on delivery option to have more customers. While younger people tend to pay online, older ones would rather pay with cash. So you should know your audience to not restrict anyone. Another key factor to consider is what online method can a customer pay. Each one has his own preference, thus giving enough options would bring more customers.